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Friday, 22 January 2016

Excellent spellers

Wow!  Outstanding effort in 6.1.  These children all improved their spelling score from their Cold Task to their Hot Task .  two children didn't get any spellings right in their Cold Task and  after a fantastic effort all week got 9 CORRECT today. Excellent !

These children are super duper spellers.  They got 10 out of 10 today.  FANTASTIC

Friday, 15 January 2016

All these pupils got ALL of their spellings correct this week. What an excellent effort.
Well  done.  
These are the pupils who have worked extremely hard to learn their spellings and improve their score.  This demonstrates their outstanding attitude to their learning.

Friday, 8 January 2016

We had fun in English doing our GAPs work. We played pass the sentence to each other.  Everyone's sentence had to end with a causal connective such as: because, hence, since, even though, now that, consequently, as a result etc

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Jass Awards, helping us to develop our talents and abilities(UNICEF Article 29)

I am SO PROUD of the projects these pupils did for their JASS Award over Christmas.

A visit to London was documented by photographs.  Well done.

Research about fashion by a very glamorous pupil! Beautiful work!

We are very lucky to have one of these beautiful paintings in our classroom. What a talented , generous artist.

Not only did Zainab paint a Vincent Van Gough landscape, she also did research about the artist. Excellent work by a very talented pupil.

We all learnt information about Liverpool fc when we watched this informative powerpoint, complete with a hyperlink so that we could sing "You'll never walk alone".

We loved the paintbrush as it looked like an exclamation mark.

Another talented artist-he takes commissions too!

We wish we had tasted the malteser cake-it sounded delicious.

Another excellent powerpoint about Liverpool fc, focusing on the players this time.

Wow! We were absolutely amazed at the talent displayed in this origami.

The ice cream cake in these photographs sounded absolutely delicious!

More information about football-this time a factfile about Manchester United fc.

Yet another talented artist has drawn pencil drawings.

There are a variety of skills in this project, including a pen drawing of a cat stalking the bird in the box.
WELL DONE EVERYONE.  We had a fantastic time sharing and celebrating our talents.